All That Glitters is Christmas Thanks to Trendy Trees

All That Glitters is Christmas Thanks to Trendy Trees
The Christmas Attic

It will be a bright Christmas this year. Sparkling glitter and sizzling colors are adorning this years hottest holiday trees, so says Fay Carter, co-owner of the Christmas Attic in Old Town Alexandria.

The first thing is sparkle lots of sparkle, she says. Her showroom on South Union Street in Old Town provides a dazzling display of sparkling gold and silver decorations. Carrying the theme even further, some trees are entirely made of silver tinsel, further enhanced by silver and gold ornamentation.

The bright mood is heightened by colors ranging from the traditional rich red and green to a sizzling spectrum of lighter, brighter shades. In particular, ice blue is often blended with silver, evoking a winter wonderland.

This lively dcor is a direct reaction to societys current general gloom. As Carter puts it, Its nice to have glitter and fun when you are feeling sad. And this years trendiest trees seem deliberately designed to chase the blues away.

This is especially true for the smaller themed trees that are expanding from the parlor to rooms throughout the house.

Following an especially timely trend, some clients are personalizing their trees to reflect their own favorite pastimes. Figurines sport every style from bridal gowns to aerobic gear to office wear. They can thus double as memorable gifts for the newlyweds, aerobic instructors or office mates in our lives.

With the Presidential Inauguration so near at hand, trees also reflect the growing excitement. The patriotic spirit is reflected in a glittering galaxy of donkeys, elephants, White Houses and American flags, all in red, white and blue.

Those famous political animals are sharing the stage with an owners own personal pets. The most widely beloved breeds are represented on Christmas stockings and ornaments alike.

And, Carter adds, with so many people thinking globally, the decorations can also follow an international theme. Thus, glittering pagodas and Nefertitis share the world decorating stage with sparkling kilted Scottish Santas.

At the same time, many shoppers are showing more religious sentiments. Angels are outnumbering Santas, she said, and crches are becoming more popular.

Alternatively, the tree can be trimmed in tones that blend with the surrounding color scheme. A rust-and-gold dcor, for instance, can be reflected by ornaments in the same warm neutral colors, creating a sense of holiday harmony.

Homeowners are also following an even more timely trend towards a green Christmas. Energy-saving light bulbs can warm the heart while staying cool themselves, thus reducing the danger of fire and helping protect the home and environment at the same time.

The same trend shows up in other places as well. At Landmark Mall, twinkling lights adorn the arbor and the Christmas trees framing Santas throne. The same lights join gold mesh ribbons to adorn the giant wreaths.

It all adds up to a very bright holiday season for Alexandria.