Why We Say Thanks


Saying Thank You Has Its Rewards

This Thanksgiving, the Times asked children to write us and express what they are thankful for, especially in these imperfect times. What did we learn from this? Children stick to the basics even as adults whirl around, flustered and frustrated with the economy or other world events.
We received hundreds of entries, but here are the winners, chosen by raffle, and a spattering of what Alexandrias youth deem important.

And the winners are
1. Mazie, age 3: My twin sister Sadie and my mommy.
Mazie wins a Ryans Room Fairyland Forest Play Set from Why Not? (Please share with your sister, Mazie!).

2. Isaac Alvarez, 5th grade: I am thankful for no school and for the Turkey.
Isaac wins a $15 gift certificate to Whistle Stop Hobbies and Toys.

3. Carlisha Alonda Green, 7th Grade: I am thankful for having a home because there are people that dont have a home. So they sleep outside and its cold now so I feel bad for them. Most of them dont eat they cant take a shower or anything. When I see people like that (in the future), and I have change, I would give them some. I know they wish they had a home and would do anything for a home. So I am thankful that I have one.
Carlisha wins lunch for three at Chadwicks Restaurant.

4. Lina Blum, 6th Grade: What Im thankful for are my family and friends. Im thankful for my family because they care for me and would do anything for me if I actually need it. Im thankful for my friends because I can tell them my secrets and they dont tell anybody. I will always be thankful for my family and friends.
Lina wins lunch for three at Bugsys Pizza Restaurant.

5. Jennifer, 3rd grade: I am thankful for the free turkey and for the nice people.
Jennifer wins one cupcake a month for six months from Lavender Moon Cupcakery.

Were Also Thankful Too
I am thankful for my family, friends, food, bed, house and Cub Scouts!
– William Cowardin, III, 3rd grade
I am thankful for my friends.
– Christopher Cowardin, age 7

Some one I thank is my dad. Hes the one that buys the clothes I wear and the food I eat. He works hard for my family to have a better future. He knows our whole family counts on him. Hes one special person in my life and to my family. And one more person I thank is my stepmom. She gets up in the morning to give us breakfast. I thank her for helping me and my family to be able to do stuff we never thought of reaching in our life.
– Alexis Flores 6th grade

What Im thankful for in my life is my mom who cares for me. She feeds me in the morning and at night. Im really thankful to her. She teaches me how to use the computer and how to write my name. I dont know what Id do without her.
– Marcus Brundidge, 6th grade

What Im thankful for is for my parents. Im thankful because they take care for me. They give me a shelter to live in. My parents give me food. I love my parents so much I dont know what I would do without them. Im thankful because I will have a good future because of my parents. Im thankful because they love me so much.
– Freyner Rosales, 7th grade

I am thankful for having a great mom.
I am thankful for having a good home.
I am thankful for having a good future.
I am thankful for having a good environment.
– Jose Andres Ortiz 6th grade (translated for him by E. Barnes)

There are a lot of things that Im thankful for. First of all Im thankful for having a family that cares for me. My family is the most important thing to me. I have a mom that loves me and gives me advises when I need them. My stepdad has always been there for me and loves me like a real daughter. My brotherswhat can I say, they love me even if they dont show it. They protect me and care for me. I love them. Another important thing to my life is clothes I love receiving new clothes. It keeps us warm and comfortable. Clothes are something that everyone appreciates. I love clothes and my family.
– Joanna, 8th Grade

Im thankful for a lot of things. One of the things Im thankful for is my loving family. They are supportive and will be there if I need them. Im thankful for being able to volunteer at Community Lodgings. Im also thankful for all my friends. They are cool to hang with.
Tomas Sosa, 11th Grade

Something Im thankful for is our schools. School is the key to everything. If there was no school we would have no inventions. If we had no school some people would have never heard of gas, buildings, desks and other things. We would have never heard of dinosaur. Some people dont like school because it has too much work. Some people dont go to school. They should be happy and go so they can do something with their lives. Thats the point of life.
Some people take school as a joke and I dont like that. In fact people take advantage of school. They should go because it can really help you out in the world. You can get a good job and you can be smart and you can still have fun by using your brain. You can make an invention and get rich. School is really important for you and your life. You can get into college. Go to college start looking for jobs. Im thankful for that and everyone else should be.
– Henry Torres, 7th Grade

I am thankful for my family and the planet. My family for love, food, shelter, and support. They are my whole life, my whole world. If anything happens to them I dont know what I will do without them. I am grateful for the planet because its a home. It gives us food, water, plants, and animals. It protects us from the sun harmful rays and everything that is out there. It also provides one important things and that is oxygen. That is what I am grateful for.
– Cristian A. Garcia, 6th Grade
Im Thankful for my family and friends. My family is the ones that care for me and pay for me to live under a roof. They always give me advices and give me nice and warm hugs. My friends care about my feelings. They are always there for me. They tell me if I should do this or not. Sometimes they give me their shoulder to cry on. Love my friends and family.
– Karen Galeas, 6th Grade
I am thankful for everyone that has given me everything that I need and could want. I am thankful to my mom for giving me my life, to my dad for everything he has done for me. I am thankful for those who have save my life all these years I have been with my parents. I am thankful for my family because they have been with me all these years.
– Jacqueline Garcia, 6th Grade
Yo doy gracias a mi padre y mi madre por hacer un gran esfuerzo por traerme a los Estados Unidos. Y ahora que estoy ac tendr que recompensarles por este gran esfuerzo que hicieron para traerme. Que Dios los Bendiga.
– Allan Javier Hernndez Velsquez, 8th Grade
I am thankful for food.
– Bryan, 2ND grade
I am thankful for playing game and for using the computers.
– Stephanie Gonzalez Cruz, 3rd grade
I am thankful for Community Lodgings because I can learn more here and I can finish my work. Its the best thing that happens to me.
– Baldimir, 4th grade

Benjamin, 4 My friends
Liam, age 4 Toys
Penny, age 4 My toys, friends and cousins
Caroline, age 4 dinner
Cassidy, age 4 My family
Phoebe, age 4 My toys and bedroom
Lilly, age 4 My cousins and friends
Caleb, age 3 My doggies Boogie&Beans
Matthew, age 3 Penguins, piggies and airplanes