You Gonna Pay For That?


When the city is owed money it does not resort to billy clubs or Sil from The Sopranos to get it back; it gets even civilly, by broadcasting the names of the indebted to the masses. At least thats what the City Council could decide to do at its next legislative meeting in order to surge delinquent tax payments into the citys coffers.

Council discussed the possibility of publishing the names in a newspaper and on its website of all residents who owe outstanding taxes, from personal property taxes to business licensure taxes. If money is owed, your name will bode the news on the web and in print.

The threat of publishing a delinquent taxpayers name is one of the Finance Departments most effective collection tools, a Council memo stated. The placement of the listings on the citys website has improved the Finance Departments collection efforts.

Uncollected tax balances of $20 or less will also be waved if the Council so decides on December 9, its next legislative meeting. According to the memo, the cost to collect the money would supersede the revenue. The difference will be waved only if the Director of Finance deems no intention on the taxpayers or tax non-taxpayers part.