Boyd Walker vs. Virginia Paving


This is in response to comments from Mr. Boyd Walker regarding Virginia Paving and their sponsorship of the 2nd Annual King Street Mile race.

Mr. Walker seems to think that this sponsorship will curry favor and buy support from the Alexandria City Council, City Manager and City Staff.

Thats silly and insulting to all of us. While I dont necessarily agree with Council and Staff all the time, in my 40-plus years of being involved with Alexandria activities, I have never seen any action on the part of the Council or the city that would suggest their votes or support could be bought.

Does Mr. Walker object to the $150,000 that Mirant gives to T.C. Williams?

Mr. Walker wants to be elected to the City Council. When I am making a decision as to a candidate to vote for I want someone that has my interests and those of the city at heart, one who will work hard, one who has an open mind and will look at the facts and all sides of the issue before voting. Mr. Boyd seems to have already decided Virginia Paving is guilty of everything and he will vote to deny whatever they seek from the Council and the City. Interesting campaign strategy.

Joe Schramm

Alexandria, VA