Dont Forget Our Schools


I am writing in response to a Washington Post article that examined how different school districts are preparing students for the 21st century. Arlington, Anne Arundel and Charles County schools are creating digital classrooms and offering innovative courses in environmental resource management, Chinese and engineering.

As for Alexandria, we are conducting a community-wide reading of Daniel H. Pinks A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. I dont mean to disparage reading, or Mr. Pinks book, but is this the best that the Alexandria school system can come up with? We need to be far more innovative than this if were going to truly prepare our children for the 21st century.

While much attention has been paid to upcoming city council and delegate races, there is also an upcoming school board election in Alexandria. As a resident of District A, I am strongly supporting Mimi Carter for election to the Board. Her Triple A education improvement plan highlights the need to provide innovative solutions to our challenges. More information on her plan can be found at

Jennifer Lubold

Alexandria, VA