Lovain is Right for City Council


To the editor,

We had the pleasure of serving with Councilmember Tim Lovain on the citys Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee (BFAAC). Tims knowledge of the budget and the budget process and his dedication to Alexandria are why we support him for City Council.

Tim spent seven years on BFAAC, finishing as its chair, so he has an understanding of the budget based on years of experience. He has helped turn many BFAAC recommendations into city policy, including use of a current services budget baseline, expanded use of performance measurements and health care cost containment.

He has persuaded his colleagues to use the average residential property tax bill as the bottom line for the citys budget guidance. During the six years before he joined Council, that average residential tax bill doubled. In the two years Tim has been on Council, that average bill has remained flat. We believe Tim has played a major role in bringing more fiscal responsibility to the city budget.

Our city is facing a serious economic challenge. We need Tim on Council to help the city make tough but reasonable choices on both revenues and expenditures. We hope you will join with us in supporting Tim Lovain for re-election to City Council.