Your Views | On Sex and Childish Things


The most revealing thing about the editorial, Will Sex Sell in Old Town? (January 15-21, 2009) is the unique sensitivity status we give sexuality in our culture. The editorial mentions other types of stores in the area (guns and tobacco), yet only sex warrants the special attention of an editorial questioning propriety and viability. Could you imagine an editorial entitled, Will Guns and Tobacco Sell in Old Town?

Since the 1960s our cultural evolution regarding sexuality has been a remarkably mature journey of facing reality as it is; yet deep down inside were still squeamish about facing it if its in a storefront on a popular, family-oriented street. The ghosts of our Puritanical ancestry still scream in our collective psyche as we try to hide under the covers of hypocritical Victorianism. Until adults get real about sex, kids wont learn how to deal with it responsibly.

James M. Mataya

Alexandria, VA