Waterfront Plan Moves Forward


The citys long-awaited Waterfront Plan is moving forward, with the selection of Alexandria-based EDAW as the planning consultants to lead the process.

EDAW, which has offices on Prince Street in Alexandria, has international experience in waterfront planning and local knowledge. The EDAW team will advise on land use planning, land use economics, transportation and parking, urban design, environmental planning, marine engineering, historic and cultural resources and meeting facilitation.

The Waterfront Plan will cover the area from Jones Point Park (where the National Park Service has completed its planning) in the south to Daingerfield Island in the north.

At its meeting on January 13, City Council received a report setting out the proposed public process for the Waterfront Plan. The report proposes a series of open public meetings, to include:
Informational meetings to identify existing conditions, study other nationally and internationally successful waterfronts, and identify potential opportunities and constraints;
Interactive meetings to enable interested parties and groups to share their ideas for the Waterfront Plan;
A series of community workshops to establish values, principles and options for the Waterfront Plan; and
Walking and boat tours of the Alexandria Waterfront and waterfronts in other cities.
The city encourages all interested parties to participate by attending and contributing to these meetings.

A series of stakeholder interviews, which have already been undertaken, has provided the city with an overview of the perceived opportunities, issues and challenges related to Alexandrias Waterfront planning. Based on this feedback and inspiration from existing city documents, Planning and Zoning staff have prepared draft plan goals for discussion.