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To the editor,

I have been a teacher and football coach in Alexandria since 1973, and I am writing to support Frank Fannon for City Council. My association with Frank over the years, especially his involvement with the Alexandria Sportsmans Club, has shown me his commitment, compassion and concern toward our youth in Alexandria.

Frank is a native of Alexandria and knows the people, the neighborhoods, the history and the concerns. His people skills, understanding and insights allow him to participate on the Council and serve its future direction from day one.

I have also known Frank on a professional level through SunTrust Bank. He is diligent, organized and resourceful in order to get the best results for his clients.

The well-being and growth of the City of Alexandria has always been of utmost importance to Frank. He has been a strong advocate for the advancement of education, youth athletics, planning development, financial growth and real estate in the city.

I am proud to endorse Frank Fannon for City Council.

Bill Allan
Alexandria, VA