Your Views | Return Wilson to City Council


To the editor,

On Jan. 31, Democrats in the City of Alexandria will have the opportunity to choose the partys slate for the May 5, 2009 City Council election. Im writing to express my support for Councilman Justin Wilson, who is a bright and dedicated leader. I first met Justin while working on a community project and he impressed me with his encyclopedic knowledge of the citys issues. After working with him for a while, I realized he also has a great dose of common sense and an enthusiasm that helps him prioritize quickly. He enjoys analyzing and dealing with the tough issues, like our budget and transportation, while leaving no constituent concern unanswered. He has something that leaders sometimes lack the combination of skills and vision that can truly make a difference.

Given the presidential election, the 46th District election, and other political activities, I know the area is weary and perhaps complacent about voting again in a caucus. But if recent activities have taught us anything, it is that every vote counts. I urge you to support Councilman Wilson in the Democratic Caucus. And, whether Democrat or Republican, remember who has done a great job when May 5 rolls around.

Nathalie Simon