Your Views | Smedberg Has Right Approach for Alexandria


To the editor,

Councilman Paul Smedbergs specific accomplishments are many, but we are writing today to highlight not what he has done for our city, but the way he does it. We admire his character and his approach to public service. After nearly six years on the Alexandria City Council, Paul Smedberg has demonstrated time and again that he is a man of integrity, with good common sense and the intellectual capability to serve with distinction. He has the respect of his fellow Council members, city staff, and constituents. He examines all sides of the issues, listens to arguments pro and con, and announces his position only after careful consideration. He is pragmatic, and most importantly, he is fair. He truly seeks ways that best serve the greater good.

Fiscally, he exemplifies the citizen representative who asks tough questions, demands clear answers and considers the bottom line for all programs and initiatives. His thinking is clear, his comments are to the point, concise and timely and our city is better for his presence on the Council. His role on Council and his pursuit of defining and refining the role of government has been exemplary. This city is fortunate that Paul Smedberg has generously given of his time and talents in service to Alexandria. Thats why we are supporting Paul Smedberg for reelection.

Vola Lawson, George Pera