Your Views | Why you should vote for Tim Lovain


To the editor,

We are writing for two reasons. First, this should serve as a reminder to exercise your voice as a citizen in Alexandria and vote during the Democratic caucus on Saturday, January 31 (from noon to 7:30 p.m. at Minnie Howard School). As most of us realize, there are critical issues that confront us and that define the need for leadership in solving them. Our economic situation, the city and school budgets, continued services to all citizens, the improvements to transportation, the on-going needs for education and our quality of life cannot be addressed without strong political leadership.

So voting for candidates for City Council is important.

Second, we need seasoned leadership that is based on experience and grounded in proven dedication to service. We feel that leadership will be provided through the re-election of Tim Lovain to City Council. He is a man of his word in accomplishing many of the things he promised to do, and he has the vision to continue to build on that record. He deserves your vote.

Meredith Taylor, Kenneth Taylor, James S. Roberts
Alexandria Citizens for Lovain