Snow Days To Be Made Up in March, May


Contrary to what Alexandria students may have hoped for, the two snow days they had off of school since the start of 2009 have to be made up.

The first snow day, caused by a January storm that led to an early release one day and a full day off on January 21, was made up Friday, March 13.
The second snow day, caused by a storm two weeks ago on March 1 and March 2, will be made up at all traditional calendar schools on May 22.

The citys two modified-calendar schools, Samuel Tucker and Mount Vernon elementary schools, had been scheduled to make up the second snow day on March 23, but due to how late the snow day fell on the calendar, it created scheduling issues. To remedy the situation, the ACPS School Board passed amotion on March 5 to move that makeup day to May 22 as well.

That day off in the snow now means an extra school day in May for all ACPS students.