YOUR VIEW | Wrong About Human Rights


To the editor,

After reading the Shear Madness/human rights violations article in the February 26 issue, a rarity for me, I am not surprised to see that there is in fact a human rights council and they obviously have entirely too much time on their hands.

The entire episode nicely summarizes why I despise it here. For all of the what can only be assumed to be good intentions in forming such a council, can the overly liberal, Im OK, youre OK, please dont offend anyone formers of such an organization not see that sheerly by its existence it is harming rather than promoting human rights? In short, by chasing down such trivial and insignificant issues such as a differential pricing of haircuts – seriously, haircuts, people – they are both intervening in the natural order of capitalism and promoting the ridiculous mindset that we the people need government to settle insignificant issues for us.

Being proactive rather than being complaint driven makes the matter even more stupefying.
With City Council elections approaching, they all may consider a new campaign theme of finding useful things to do and taking a wider scope of the things that this city needs. All of them require a life, a hobby or a re-evaluation of what it was they had hoped to accomplish on the City Council.

Matt Smith

Alexandria, VA