YOUR VIEWS | Senator Warner Should Remember Who Elected Him


To the Honorable Mark Warner:

May I have the pleasure to remind you that Democrats hold the majority and have the power of the will of the people to influence policy and government spending to benefit the greater good? The minority (Republicans) and their ideologies have been rejected by the electorate and yet you cede to their ideas in a rejection of moving in a direction the country wants to go.

In this time of national crisis, during a global war and economic depression, now is not the time for restraint. It is the time for action and a change in politics in Washington. Use the power that voters gave you to pass a Democratic agenda. By this, do not partner with Republicans and conservative Democrats on failed ideas of limited government and restraint in spending.

Restraint in spending will not help America, and in particular Virginia, achieve the goals of expanding healthcare, bettering education, increasing access to public transportation and winning our foreign wars.

As your constituent, I ask you to cast aside your allegiances with those who clench their fists in an effort to repress these achievements and implement the change Americans voted for in November.

John Paul Scherfel Jr.
Alexandria, VA