AGENDA: Alexandria To Examine City Immigration


AGENDA: Alexandria invites concerned citizens to attend the April 27 program Immigration: Realities and Practicalities. Guest speakers will be Jean Kelleher Niebauer, Director, Office of Human Rights, City of Alexandria, and Allison Rutland Soulen, Director of Legal Services.

Rutland Soulen will offer a primer on immigration law, covering the basics of immigration status and the requirements for becoming a citizen.

Kelleher Niebauer will examine the impact of immigration on the city, including the 2007 resolution on immigration, demographics of the citys immigrant communities and patterns of immigration in Alexandria and the region.

Immigration is a visceral issue and illustrates incongruities in our national identity. We are a nation of immigrants, yet we value the rule of law. We are a nation that celebrates the melting pot of cultural tradition, yet we expect a certain level of acculturation and English fluency. In Alexandria, these are not abstract issues. Immigrants from all over the world are part of our daily experience. Every day, we live and work with people whose path to Alexandria began beyond the United States.

The prgram will be held at the Holiday Inn Eisenhower Metro Center, 2460 Eisenhower Avenue, with a reception beginning at 6:30 p.m. followed by a buffet dinner. For information or reservations, contact Sherry Brown at 703-549-4696 or