VOTER GUIDE | Voter Services for Persons with Disabilities


Every reasonable effort is made to see that all voters have full access to voter registration and voting within the City of Alexandria by establishing and maintaining polling places that are compliant with laws covering the accessibility of persons with disabilities.

Due to the nature of some disabilities and the preference of some who have disabilities, the law provides for alternatives to regular polling place voting. The following voting methods are available to persons with disabilities, injuries or illnesses:

Curbside/Outside the Polls Voting
Any voter 65 or older or who has a physical disability may receive special assistance on Election Day by voting from a car outside the polling place. The voter will send a representative into the polling place to notify the chief election official at the precinct. Precinct election officials will take required documents and the ballot to the car, where the voter will mark the ballot. Election officials will return the ballot to the polling place and deposit it in the ballot box. Procedures are in place to ensure the voters right to cast a secret ballot.

Voter in Need of Assistance
Any voter 65 or older, or who has a physical disability may receive special assistance on Election Day in marking and casting the ballot. The voter may bring a family member or friend to the polling place or be assisted by a precinct election official. The voter will sign a statement verifying the need for assistance and the assisting person will sign a statement verifying that he/she:
will vote the ballot in accordance with the voters instructions;
will not attempt to influence the voter in any way;
will not reveal to anyone the choices made by the voter and that;
the person assisting is not the voters employer or union representative.

The Alexandria Department of Transportation will arrange special transportation for persons with disabilities to register and/or vote. Call 703-838-3800 for more information.

All requests for reasonable accommodation due to disability should be made to the Office of Voter Registration and Elections with at least 48 hours notice. Call 703-838-4050. The TTY number is 703-838-5056.