YOUR VIEWS | Fairness and Balance Needed at City Hall


To the editor,

During this time of spring, many of us would likely be unaware or not paying attention to the elections that will be held on May 5 for City Council and School Board. In most years and in typical circumstances, only about one-fifth of us will go to the polls. The caucuses were weeks ago and our thoughts have been elsewhere. But now our attention span should turn to this important determination of what Alexandrias government and direction will be for the coming years. There are issues of budget, of development, of governance and delivery of services, quality of community life, and many more. If nothing else, the current and daily concern about our economic health and the delayed attention to reform make us all concerned citizens. So the first message is that it is time to focus and critical to vote in the coming municipal elections.

But the second message is this: We need fair, balanced and informed leadership.

That is why I am endorsing Tim Lovains re-election to City Council. During his term, he made certain commitments: to seek not only a reasoned budget, but informed decision-making; to find ways to improve our environment and transportation; to make progress toward the goal of excellence in the public schools; to forge creative alliances with the nonprofit organizations that serve those among us that need assistance; and others. In my estimation, he has worked diligently to keep those commitments. He brings analysis, fact-based decision-making, the ability to reach out to those that have honest differences and finding ways to find solutions. We need that kind of leadership. So vote on May 5, and be certain to vote for Tim Lovain.

James S. Roberts
Alexandria, VA