YOUR VIEWS | Now More Than Ever, Know-How Needed on City Council


To the editor,

We are writing to express our support for Del Pepper in the upcoming city council election this May. Our city is facing extraordinary pressures and challenges, and we need experienced, competent leadership to help us weather the storm and continue moving Alexandria forward. Del exemplifies the hard work, know-how and experience we need on City Council.

As co-chair of the Mirant Monitoring Group, Del has been an outspoken leader in pushing to clean up and/or close down the Mirant power plant. During this term, the city reached a landmark agreement with Mirant to clean up its operations. Although ultimately the Mirant plant should be closed, the agreement is a significant accomplishment and will improve air quality in Old Town and the whole city.

The Mirant issue is an example of Dels leadership on environmental issues. Current projections are that unless we act aggressively to slow down climate change now, sea levels are likely to rise between between 2.5 and 6.5 feet by the end of the century. This alone, aside from other consequences of climate change, will have a dramatic impact on the Alexandria waterfront and the quality of life in our city for generation, after generation, after generation to come.

Del cosponsored the initiative to create an environmental action plan and as a member of the Steering Committee has played a leading role in the ongoing process. The city has approved a Phase I action plan to guide environmental progress over the next two fiscal years and will soon take up an action plan covering future years. Unless we make Alexandria more sustainable, well be consigning our children and our childrens children to a diminished quality of life and unnecessary expenses.

We are proud of our city, and of the hard, committed, thoughtful work done by Del and the other members of our City Council. We urge our neighbors to vote for the Democratic candidates for Council in order to make sure that we appropriately balance the often competing goals of constraining tax increases, fostering development, preserving our citys heritage and investing in our future as One Alexandria.

Mary Alyce Delaplane, Lois Calso Hunt, Anne Kelly, Ron Lafond, Ernie Lehmann, Scott Barstow, Resa OFlaherty, Mike Wenk, Connie West Alexandria, VA