YOUR VIEWS | Should Alexandria Keep Its Me Too Chorus?


To the editor:

As Chair of the Alexandria Republican City Committee, I write in response to Jack Sullivans letter in last weeks edition questioning the risky Republican strategy in the May 5 election. The big risk in this election is another three years of one-party rule in our city. Republicans offer city residents an alternative to the Me Too chorus of a Council composed completely of Democrats, who vote unanimously over 90 percent of the time.

All Alexandrians Democrats, Republicans and Independents deserve better. While real issues of concern confront Alexandrians from all walks of life and political orientations, the one-party Council offers only the oft-repeated chorus of Me Too. Rather than asking important questions, considering diverse points of view and debating the proper course, the Council moves ahead in lock step.

Contrary to Sullivans suggestion, three excellent candidates offer the alternative Alexandrians seek to end one-party rule and bring the diversity a successful Council needs.

Phil Cefaratti, a Navy veteran with an MBA, served as president of his civic association. A real estate professional with a background in both private- and public-sector management, Cefaratti will ask the right questions and propose the right alternatives to stimulate debate on Council.

Frank Fannon, a fifth-generation Alexandrian who leads a successful mortgage practice in the city, served as finance chair of Alexandrias 250th anniversary celebration. A director of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, Fannons connections with citizens and businesses in the city make him an outstanding choice to bring alternatives to the Councils deliberations.

Alicia Hughes, recently recognized with the 2009 Rising Star Award by the Alexandria Commission for Women, currently works as a patent examiner with one of the citys largest employers. With experience as a classroom teacher and a land-use attorney as well as extensive work with nonprofit organizations in the city, Hughes will bring a fresh perspective to the Council.

Discerning Democrats, Independents and Republicans have the opportunity to end the Me Too chorus and its six years of one-party rule. Voters should carefully consider how to use each of their six votes; casting or withholding those votes to build a diverse Council that will ask important questions, bring different perspectives to its deliberations and make the best decisions for Alexandria.

Chris Marston