YOUR VIEWS | Support Mail Delivery Cutbacks


To the editor,

Friends and fellow constituents:
This letter is from me alone. As you may have already read in the news, due in large part to a sharp decline in mail volume, the United States Postal Service is on track to be out of money by the end of this year.

The Postmaster General is requesting help from Congress. He has proposed to Congress that the USPS cut mail service from the current six days per week, to five days per week. It is calculated that this measure would save $2-3.5 billion, annually. This proposal has not been met warmly in Congress. I will not attempt to sell you on it, but instead urge you to research the topic online, as there is a wealth of information.

I have sent e-mails to Congressman Jim Moran and Senator Jim Webb requesting them to support legislation cutting the USPS to five days per week. If your beliefs align with mine, please write to Congressman Moran and Senator Webb.

Brian Chamowitz ,
Alexandria, VA