YOUR VIEWS | Vote Green


To the editor,

I am a small business owner, active environmentalist and resident of Alexandria for the past nine years. Rob Krupicka strikes me as the right person at the right time to address the issues most pressing to the city supporting small businesses and the jobs they create and catalyzing a greener Alexandria.

Rob places a high priority on creating consistent and predictable processes for business and on keeping business property taxes relatively low compared to other jurisdictions here in Northern Virginia. Consistency, predictability and low-cost make for just the right environment for a small business to thrive. Robs emphasis on making Alexandria an attractive, livable city means small business owners have a pipeline to talented, local employees. His business policy strikes just the right note, particularly in this economically tough time.

I served for a time on Alexandrias Environmental Policy Commission and, in that role, witnessed Robs commitment to making Alexandria a leading-edge city in terms of our environmental sustainability. Rob is a progressive thinker who recognizes the opportunity for our city government and our business community to lead the way in making the city more energy efficient, more pedestrian friendly, less wasteful and more livable.

I would encourage all those who want a thriving business community and a thriving, green Alexandria to cast a vote for Rob this May.

Jerry Casagrande