Fourth Graders Visit State Capital


Fourth grade students from Mt. Vernon Community School recently took a field trip to the state Capitol in Richmond, where they were able to get a closer look at the General Assembly and the machinery of state government.
Each fourth-grader assumed the role of a Virginia state delegate, according to ACPS, sitting in General Assembly seats and debating the controversial topic of separating girls and boys in different classrooms to assist with their learning.
According to a mock assembly record, Jonathan Alvarengo introduced a motion calling for separate classrooms as he was sitting in for local Del. Adam Ebbin, who arranged the trip.  Patrick Miller assumed Speaker of the House duties, while Yirehi Del Valle took on the role of clerk.
Students saw Civil War memorabilia to gain an understanding of the impact the war had on Virginia. A visit to the Museum of the Confederacy also demonstrated medical care given to soldiers during those years. In addition, the student group toured the home of Jefferson and Varina Davis and stopped by the James River frontage to see a Civil War timeline memorial.