T.C. Williams Girls Tennis Topples Hayfield


In its penultimate match of the regular season, the T.C. Williams girls tennis squad took down Hayfield Monday, edging the Hawks 6-3. The Lady Titans were led by a strong showing in singles, picking up five wins. The win ends a streak of tough losses, including back-to-back 4-5 losses against Lee and West Springfield.

The Patriot District Championships begin May 4.

Katie Kim (HF) def Paula Mitchell (TC) 10-0
Maggie Kennedy (TC) def Mikita Dobadole (HF) 10-4
Michelle Martineau (TC) def Casey Williams (HF) 10-5
Sylvie Harris (TC) def Juncana Ocampo (HF) 10-0
Hannah Webster (TC) def Namrata Shresta (HF) 10-1
Yasmin Faruki (TC) def Beset Selita (HF) 10-1
Kim/Williams (HF) def Mitchell/Kennedy (TC) 7-6 (7-5)
Kalkus/Dobadole (HF) def Martineau/Harris (TC) 6-2
Faruki/Beer (TC) def Ocampo/Shresta (HF) 6-0