This Week on DVD | 4/30/09


Bride Wars

In Theaters: January 9, 2009
Starring: Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Candice Bergen, Bryan Greenberg, Kristen Johnston, Steve Howey, Chris Pratt, Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson, Sophya Gudelman, Nicki Connors
Director: Gary Winick
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Synopsis: Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) are best friends who since childhood have planned every detail of their respective weddings. At the top of their bridal must have list: a ceremony at New Yorks ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel. Now, at age 26, theyre both about to get married; theyre about to realize their dreams; and theyre about to live happily ever after. Or maybe not… When a clerical error causes a clash in wedding dates – theyre now to be married on the same date! – Liv, Emma and their lifelong friendship are put to the ultimate test. Liv, a successful lawyer who is used to getting what she wants, including the perfect job and the perfect man, wont settle for anything less than the perfect wedding she has dreamed of for years. Emma, a schoolteacher who has always been good at taking care of others, but not so much in looking after herself, discovers her inner Bridezilla and comes out swinging when her own dream wedding is imperiled.
Rating: PG for suggestive content, language and some rude behavior
Length: 89 Minutes
Box Office: $58.6 Million

Hotel for Dogs
In Theaters: January 16, 2009
Starring: Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Don Cheadle, Lisa Kudrow, Kevin Dillon, Johnny Simmons, Ajay Naidu, Kyle Pratt, Troy Gentile, Leslie Del Rosario, Andre Ware, Robinne Lee
Director: Thor Freudenthal
Genre: Family, Comedy
Synopsis: Hotel for Dogs, stars Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Lisa Kudrow, Kevin Dillon and Don Cheadle in a smart, funny comedy adventure that shows how far love and imagination can take you. When their new guardians forbid 16-year old Andi (Roberts) and her younger brother, Bruce (Austin) to have a pet, Andi has to use her quick wit to help find a new home for their dog, Friday. The resourceful kids stumble upon an abandoned hotel and using Bruces talents as a mechanical genius, transform it into a magical dog-paradise for Friday and eventually for all Fridays friends. When barking dogs make the neighbors suspicious, Andi and Bruce use every invention they have to avoid anyone discovering who let the dogs in.
Rating: PG for brief mild thematic elements, language and some crude humor
Length: 100 Minutes
Box Office: $72.0 Million

In Theaters: November 7, 2008
Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Francois Damiens, Saskia Flanders, Zinedine Soualem
Director: Mabrouk El Mechri
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: When the life of Jean-Claude Van Damme collides with the reality of a hold-up in Brussels, suddenly the huge movie star turns into an ordinary guy, filled with fears, contradictions and hopes. How can he be up to the legend he has built? What can a film hero do when the gun pointed to his temple isnt charged with blanks? JCVD finds himself at the turning point of his hero life.
Rating: R for language and some violence
Box Office: $0.4 Million

Nothing But the Truth
In Theaters: December 19, 2008
Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, David Schwimmer, Vera Farmiga, Angela Bassett, Alan Alda, Noah Wyle, Julie Ann Emery, Preston Bailey, Kristen Bough
Director: Rod Lurie
Genre: Suspense, Drama
Synopsis: Kate Beckinsale and Academy Award nominee Matt Dillon lead an all-star cast in this volatile story about a Washington reporter who writes an explosive story about a government scandal in which she reveals the name of a covert CIA agent. Unexpectedly finding herself behind bars, she struggles to maintain her principles and relationship with her family when she refuses to divulge her source.
Rating: R for language, some sexual material and a scene of violence
Length: 107 Minutes

The Uninvited
In Theaters: January 30, 2009
Starring: Emily Browning, Arielle Kebbel, Elizabeth Banks, David Strathairn, Maya, Massar, John Prowse, Kevin McNulty, Dean Paul Gibson, Jesse Moss, Lex Burnham, Matthew Bristol, Heather Doerksen
Director: Thomas Guard, Charles Guard
Genre: Horror
Synopsis: Based on Kim Jee-Woons 2003 Korean horror film, Changhwa Hongryons The Uninvited revolves around Anna (Emily Browning), who returns home after spending time in the hospital following the tragic death of her mother. Her recovery suffers a setback when she discovers her father (David Strathairn) has become engaged to her mothers former nurse, Rachel (Elizabeth Banks). That night, Anna is visited by her mothers ghost, who warns her of Rachels intentions. Together, Anna and her sister (Arielle Kebbel) try to convince their father that his current fiancee is not who she pretends to be, and what should have been a happy family reunion becomes a lethal battle of wills between stepdaughters and stepmother.
Rating: PG-13 for violent and disturbing images, thematic material, sexual content, language and teen drinking
Length: 87 Minutes
Box Office: $28.6 Million