Titans Christen New Track at Invitational

Titans Christen New Track at Invitational

The T.C. Williams track and field program celebrated its first home meet on its new track Saturday, hosting the 25-team T.C. Williams Invitational. Both the Titans boys and girls squads finished second in the meet, which had been held for the last four years at West Potomac High School while the T.C. track was under construction.

The Titans got first place finishes from Tynita Butts (girls long jump, high jump), Sarah Bryan (girls 1600m), the girls 4x800m relay team, Thomas Caine (boys pole vault), Nicholas Ahuda (boys 2000m steeplechase) and the boys 4x100m relay team.

The meet also featured a special elite event, the womens 3000m steeplechase. Delilah DiCrescenzo beat out five other top distance runners, setting the second best time in the world this year at 9 minutes 47.41 seconds.

T.C. Williams Invitational Results

Womens Eli te 3000m Steeplechase
Delilah DiCrescenzo, 9:47.41
Irene Kimaiyo, 9:59.40
Shauneen Garrahan, 10:10.95
Kristin Anderson, 10:24.59
Lesley Higgins, 10:24.39
Jackie Grundel, 11:28.05

Girls Team Rankings (Pts.)
North Point (81)
T.C. Williams (72)
Oxon Hill (60)
Tallwood (50)
McLean (42)
W.T. Woodson (39)
Riverdale Baptist (36)
W. Potomac (34)
Bishop McNamara (30)
Mt. Vernon (24)

Girls 100m
Candace Bond, Riverdale Baptist 12.57 sec.
Alexis Stroman, Bishop McNamara 12.76
Shanel Deal, Oxon Hill 13.02
Jasmine Hankins, Tallwood 13.05
Felicia Harris, Tallwood 13.16
Vanessa Branch, St. Johns College 13.48

Girls 200m
Candace Bond, Riverdale Baptist 25.89 sec.
Brieana Harrison, North Point 26.28
Dominique Graham, McLean 23.39
Felecia Harris, Tallwood 27.20
Jasmine Hankins, Tallwood 27.50
Kiara Artis, W. Potomac 28.01

Girls 400m
Deseree King, Oxon Hill 57.17 sec.
Candice McCray, Mt. Vernon 58.25
Callister Jones, Oxon Hill 58.99
Jasmine Williams, R.E. Lee 59.49
Amanda Steffy, Langley 1:00.46
Carrie Pritchard, W.T. Woodson 1:01.38

Girls 800m
Deseree King, Oxon Hill 2:20.32
Jaime Pritchard, W.T. Woodson 2:21.63
Shannon Hall, North Point 2:24.40
Carolyn Shaw, Langley 2:24.79
Lindsey Hunt, Yorktown 2:25.89
Erika Weidman, T.C. Williams 2:26.09

Girls 1600m
Sarah Bryan, T.C. Williams 5:20.53
Lindsey Hunt, Yorktown 5:21.04
Brigid Byrne, James Madison 5:28.14
Carrie Payne, W.T. Woodson 5:32.56
Alanna Kelley, W.T. Woodson 5:40.72
Anya Maggio, James Madison 5:41:02

Girls 3200m
Brigid Byrne, James Madison 11:45.91
Michele Bryceland, Tallwood 12:07.21
Samantha Audet, McLean 12:08.16
Lisa Toledo, T.C. Williams 12:26.47
Rachael Byrnes, St. Marys Ryken 12:28.10
Nina Srikongyos, R.E. Lee 12:33.13

Girls 100m Hurdles
Candace Bond, Riverdale Baptist 15.55 sec.
Sharone Honor, St. Marys Ryken 15.83
Toni OBoyle, W. Potomac 17.25
Aisa Ledesma, Langley 17.52
Simone Janssen, McLean 17.77
Heba Sikander, W. Potomac 17.98

Girls 300m Hurdles
Shavon Briscoe, North Point 44.42 sec.
Amira Hill, Mt. Vernon 45.42
Paulette Fogle, Bishop McNamara 28.10
Clare Nelson, McLean 49.18
Geranda Williams, North Point 49.59
Dale Lescher, W. Potomac 50.15

Girls 2000m Steeplechase
Sarah Haight, W.T. Woodson, 8:20.64
Jennifer Zhu, T.C. Williams 9:57.28

Girls 4x100m Relay
Tallwood, 50.24 sec.
Mt. Vernon, 50.92
W. Potomac, 51.73
North Point, 52.10
McLean, 53.69
St. Johns College, 53.77

Girls 4x400m Relay
North Point, 4:01.75
R.E. Lee, 4:09.13
W.T. Woodson, 4:10.65
McLean, 4:13.36
Langley, 4:15.62
T.C. Williams, 4:16.18

Girls 4x800m Relay
T.C. Williams, 10:00.74
North Point, 10:14.47
Tallwood, 10:18.76
McLean, 10:23.25
Langley, 10:44.48
Thomas Stone, 10:46.83

Girls High Jump
Tynita Butts, T.C. Williams 5-08.00 ft.
Shaleathia Barnes, Oxon Hill
Candace Bond, Riverdale Baptist
Alake Carpenter, Tallwood
Jennie Zhu, James Madison
Marina Moore, Tallwood

Girls Pole Vault
Kaitlyn Anderson, W. Potomac 9-00.00 ft.
Meghan Connor, W. Potomac
Hannah Wuerker, T.C. Williams
Lily Noguchi, T.C. Williams
Eleanor Kenimer, T.C. Williams
Isabelle Cooksey, W. Potomac

Girls Long Jump
Tynita Butts, T.C. Williams 19-03.25 ft.
Shanel Deal, Oxon Hill
Geranda Williams, North Point
Shaleathia Barnes, Oxon Hill
Marina Moore, Talllwood
Eunice Yoon, Langley

Girls Triple Jump
Dominique Graham, McLean 34-10.50 ft.
Shaleathia Barnes, Oxon Hill
Courtney Mebane, Tallwood
Clare Nelxon, McLean
Marina Moore, Tallwood
Tiffany Reed, W.T. Woodson

Girls Shot Put
Lauren Gross, North Point 36-02.50
Magaret Ngami, Bishop McNamara
Tiara Adams, St. Johns College
Gabrielle Brice, North Point
Latona Jackson, T.C. Williams
Samantha Park, W.T. Woodson

Girls Discus
Lauren Grove, North Point 119-11
Magaret Ngami, Bishop McNamara
Samantha Park, W.T. Woodson
Latona Jackson, T.C. Williams
Kim Creech, North Point
Melissa Thompson, North Point

Boys Team Rankings (Pts.)
North Point (101)
T.C. Williams (89)
Gaithersburg (73)
Mt. Vernon (41)
McLean (31)
St. Johns College (30)
Langley (30)
Potomac Falls (24)
St. Marys Ryken (23)
Thomas Stone (19)

Boys 100m
Roberty Hylton, St. Johns College 11.17 sec.
Cortez Taylor, T.C. Williams 11.19
Rushane Wilson, T.C. Wilson 11.20
Brandon Richardson, St. Marys Ryken 11.40
Anton Bowman, R.E. Lee 11.41
Darius Johnson, Thomas Stone 11.61

Boys 200m
Aaron Chatmon, North Point 22.52 sec.
Tristan Julian, North Point 22.58
Brandon Richardson, St. Marys Ryken 22.74
Rushane Wilson, T.C. Williams 22.85
Cortez Taylor, T.C. Williams 23.08
Jourdan Samuels, McLean 23.10

Boys 400m
Jon McCants, W. Potomac 49.09 sec.
Aaron Chatmon, North Point 49. 56
Tristan Julian, North Point 50.01
Lionell Gaines, St. Johns College 50.33
Antonio Palmer, Gaithersburg 50.50
Matthew Evans, Langley 51.22

Boys 800m
Antonio Palmer, Gaithersburg 1:58.32
Kristoff Inocentes, McLean 2:00.72
Stefon Gill, North Point 2:02.97
Brandon Comfort, W. Potomac 2:04.68
Jason Torres, St. Marys Ryken 2:05.87
Jon Steenberg, W.T. Woodson 2:06.88

Boys 1600m
Andrew Mott, Potomac Falls 4:31.04
Alvero Morales, Potomac Falls 4:31.63
Ethan Katz, W.T. Woodson 4:34.53
Dylan McGowan, Yorktown 4:34.83
Tom Inglis, James Madison 4:38.88
Jason Torres, St. Marys Ryken 4:39.75

Boys 3200m
Scott Plunkett, Annandale 9:59.57
Randall McKissack, North Point 10:09.47
Alvero Morales, Potomac Falls 10:14.66
Joseph Thompson, McLean 10:23.14
Alex Barron, W.T. Woodson 10:34.80
Brian Head, James Madison 10:42.05

Boys 110m Hurdles
Trae Proctor, Thomas Stone 14.91 sec.
Jourdan Samuels, McLean 15.10
Clive Cameron, Mt. Vernon 15.17
Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 15.17
Joe Friel, Langley 15.68
Alimany Kallay, Gaithersburg 15.82

Boys 300m Hurdles
Clive Cameron, Mt. Vernon 38.93 sec.
Trae Proctor, Thomas Stone 39.56
Steven Soli, North Point 40.16
Alimany Kallay, Gaithersburg 40.76
Alex Maybury, Langley 40.97
Joe Friel, Langley 41.42

Boys 2000m Steeplechase
Nicholas Ahuda, T.C. Williams 6:58.35
Glenn Rose, Tallwood 7:17.91
Jose Alben, St. Marys Ryken 8:43.55
Matthew Hane, St. Marys Ryken 9:14.97

Boys 4x100m Relay
T.C. Williams, 42.64 sec.
St. Johns College, 43.29
R.E. Lee, 45.43
Langley, 45.47
W.T. Woodson, 45.66
Tallwood, 46.40

Boys 4x400m Relay
North Point, 3:22.57
T.C. Williams, 3:26.33
Gaithersburg, 3:29.45
James Madison, 3:38.35
Langley, 3:39.20
Yorktown, 3:41.04

Boys 4x800m Relay
McLean, 8:23.11
Gaithersburg, 8:31.61
T.C. Williams, 8:33.49
Tallwood, 8:34.79
W.T. Woodson, 8:39.75
North Point, 8:41.22

Boys High Ju
Tristan Benton, North Point 6-04.00
Steven Brown, St. Johns College
Owen Cain, Gaithersburg
Erick Satchell, North Point
Marc Grosser, T.C. Williams
Shaquille Thomas, Mt. Vernon

Boys Pole Vault
Thomas Caine, T.C. Williams 11-06.00
Lucas Grim, Langley
Duncan Hartt, James Madison
Nicholas Ahuda, T.C. Williams
Nick Hoffman, Langley
Mark Orloff, James Madison

Boys Long Jump
Sean Cooper, North Point 21-05.75
Owen Cain, Gaithersburg
Alex Maybury, Langley
Jonathan McMillon, Mt. Vernon
Marc Grosser, T.C. Williams
Kenneth Harris, Mt. Vernon

Boys Triple Jump
Shaquille Thomas, Mt. Vernon 45-10.00
Jonathan McMillon, Mt. Vernon
Tristan Benton, North Point
Owen Cain, Gaithersburg
Alex Maybury, Langley
Marc Grosser, T.C. Williams

Boys Shot Put
Sean Stanley, Gaithersburg 55-11.50
Pietter Espinoza, T.C. Williams
Danny Laurence, Jeb Stuart
Andre Dupree, North Point
Vann Pugh, Bishop McNamara
Todd Mueller, W.T. Woodson

Boys Discus
Sean Stanley, Gaithersburg 157-10
Herman Watkins, Oxon Hill
Zachary Goehler, T.C. Williams
Andre Dupree, North Point
Pierre Espinoza, T.C. Williams
Shaquille Thomas, Mt. Vernon