YOUR VIEW | Just Say No to Detainees in Alexandria


To the editor:

This letter is in response to the May 14, 2009 front page article on terror trials in Alexandria. The citizens of the City of Alexandria need to make a decision: 1) Allow the terror trials to go forward unopposed; or 2) Make it abundantly clear to our elected representatives that we DO NOT want terror trials in our city.

Congressman Jim Moran is quoted as saying that his constituents have communicated mostly negative things about moving prisoners for these terror trials to the City of Alexandria. The article goes further to say that he has beliefs OPPOSITE those of many of his constituents and feels that it is our duty to allow these terror trials in our city.

Congressman Moran has served our district for nearly two decades and we should all appreciate him for his service. However, if the majority of his constituents are against terror trials in Alexandria, then it is my expectation that he will then fight tooth and nail to keep the prisoners associated with these terror trials out of the City of Alexandria. If you agree, please read further and get your pen ready.
If you are against hosting these terror trials and the associated prisoners inside the Alexandria city limits, then you must communicate your view with our elected officials. Write and/or call Congressman Moran, Senator Jim Webb, Senator Mark Warner and Governor Tim Kaine. Communicate politely, communicate clearly and communicate often through telephone calls, emails and/or letters. All of your representatives contact information is available online. It can be as simple as Please keep these prisoners and these terror trials out of the City of Alexandria Thank you.
The more citizens that communicate this message, the harder it will be to ignore. If you have an alternative to suggest, then suggest it, but stick to the main point NO TERROR TRIALS AND NO TERROR TRIAL PRISIONERS IN ALEXANDRIA. Please take five minutes and do this right now.
Our representatives are chosen by us citizens each Election Day. If our elected officials arent representing our positions on important issues like this one, then we all will have an opportunity on the next Election Day to choose someone that will.

John W. Crane