YOUR VIEWS | Alexandrians Get HOT


To the editor,

Many Alexandrians are growing increasingly concerned about the I-95/395 HOT Lanes Project, which is moving forward quickly. Questions remain about how the current design will affect traffic, pollution and quality of life in several neighborhoods in the 45th District, especially in the area around the Shirlington Rotary, which spans the border between the City of Alexandria and Arlington County and adjoins Fairlington, Parkfairfax and Shirlington. Moreover, I fear that residents of the affected neighborhoods are not informed enough about the details of the project to be able to ask the right questions of the project staff.

In an effort to make sure citizens are well informed and their concerns are addressed, I have set up a web page at that contains links to information about the project, including a chart depicting proposed changes to the Shirlington Rotary at I-395 and a link to the Arlington County Boards Jan. 27 resolution about the project. The page includes a section where visitors may post comments.

While I share the concerns expressed in the Arlington County Boards resolution, I am trying to bring together VDOT and local officials to work through these issues in a productive way. I encourage everyone who lives in the neighborhoods affected by the project to review the information at and use the space provided to share your comments, questions and concerns, which will be valuable input as we work together to ensure the best possible outcome for our community and our region.

– Del. David Englin, 45th District