YOUR VIEWS | Am I Average?


To the editor,

The city said, and local media reported, that overall real estate assessments dropped about 2 percent, which means nothing to me because I am a residential property owner, not commercial. If I dig a little I find that residential assessments for single-family homes dropped on average 3.46 percent. Condo assessments, on average, dropped 7.57 percent while commercial assessments increased on average 1.24 percent.

The city also said that residential property tax bills will increase, on average, about $76.
The assessment on my single-family house decreased 1.27 percent. Strangely, the assessed value of the land remained the same. Can I sell the house without the land? My tax bill will increase by $333.
So, dear City Hall, am I average?

And dear media, when you report on this stuff, please give more details. Give ranges, not averages. Make the city provide more info. I pay for a PR flack in City Hall. It would be more helpful to all us readers.

Joe Schramm