YOUR VIEWS | Steeles Dignity


To the editor,

I am disappointed by how our president and Congress are maneuvering America further away from respecting the sanctity of life and the imperative of moral choice. If federally funded abortions, the scientific use of viable embryos endowed with genetic individuality, or the dissolution of medical conscientious objection are troubling readers, RNC Chairman Michael Steeles recent speech in Evansville, Ind., harks to a better vision.

I do not profess to have the moral or political judgment to gauge whether abortion is a matter of states rights or federal protection of privacy rights. Yet, I agree with Steeles assertion that the liberally commercial abortion industry operates falsely to scare some women into unfortunate decisions rather than contributing to a society that values all life.

The notion that my tax dollars will pay for abortions, or that viable embryos created with the purpose of giving life are exploited to dissect and study it, or that a doctor who morally objects to performing an abortion can be sued, or worse, troubles me greatly. I recognize that social, political and legal issues surrounding abortion are pervasive and not easily broached, but Steeles inspiring speech did justice to the spirit of guarding the dignity of life.

Franklin BarrettAlexandria