YOUR VIEWS | That Grinding Sound


To the editor:

Did you hear the grinding sound last week as the local political machine experienced some transmission problems in the City Council elections? While the usually well-oiled machine is accustomed to steamrolling over its opposition, the people of Alexandria put a little sugar in its money-guzzling gas tank and elected two non-machine individuals to City Council. However, despite the jubilant cries that The Machine is Broken, it is more likely just in need of an overhaul. The repair list is extensive:

1. Has The Machine learned that Alexandrians are weary of its repeated demands for more and higher taxes?

2. Has The Machine learned that Alexandrians expect quality schools for our massive investment?

3. Has The Machine learned that stifling debate merely underscores its own lack of innovation and the bankruptcy of its dogma?

4. Will The Machine join Alexandrians in protecting our constitutional rights from power grabs by unelected bodies such as the defunct Northern Virginia Transportation Authority?

5. Will The Machine make real budget cuts and end its spendthrift ways?

6. Will The Machine stop litigating against local businesses and citizens? (read: employers and taxpayers)

7. Will The Machine respect our property rights?

8. Will The Machine stop making foolish mistakes that make our fair city the laughing stock of the nation such as occurred at 210 King Street?

The ultimate question is: Will The Machine implement the democratic principles and ideals adored by so many Alexandrians instead of focusing on its own power and self-interest? Only time will tell. The future of our city is at stake.

Bud Miller
President, Alexandria Taxpayers United