YOUR VIEWS | Who Does City Staff Work For?


To the editor:

When and by whom is city staff held accountable for its misdeeds?

In a September 20, 2006 document, the Office of Transportation and Environmental Services said: A parking survey of a portion of the Parker-Gray neighborhood (the area bound by West, Oronoco, Columbus, Cameron, Patrick and Queen streets) found that most of that area has parking saturation levels below 85 percent, which is generally considered the level at which an areas parking capacity is fully used and drivers will perceive that there is no parking available. A September 21, 2006, email from then Planning and Zoning Director Eileen Fogarty also confirmed that the condition on Bill Cromleys [Lofts] SUP was a T&ES condition and has been implemented.

You can imagine my surprise when on May 14, a representative of T&ES told the Inner City Civic Association that the aforementioned 2006 parking study was never completed. In fact, he alleged the unencumbered Cromley money allows him to extend an ongoing King Street parking study to the benefit of the Parker-Gray residents. These facts mix like oil and water.

Too often, in the last few years, city staff has conscientiously misrepresented statements that result in staffs repeatedly jerking this neighborhood around. Where does the buck stop? Apparently it is not with the city manager.

I can only hope that a new City Council will expect more from city staff and, in return, deliver better products and services to our neighborhood. Integrity is not vintage. Its timeless.

Charlotte Landis