YOUR VIEW | Move City Elections to November


To the editor:

We had hoped to be in attendance at this Saturdays public hearing on this issue. However, business has taken us out of the city. We so want to be on record in support of moving the elections of mayor, Council and School Board from May to November. We believe this is an important move to make because:

The turnout for May elections is abysmal.

People are accustomed to voting in November.

Alexandria, like many governments, is in a bad financial state. Why are we wasting money on all these elections while staff and services are being cut? Consolidate the elections.

This move will also shift elections away from the same time as final work on the city budget is being done. Finalizing the budget is a more worthwhile expense of time and effort.

We hope that the mayor and members of Council will consider our plea to move the elections when they undertake this matter on Saturday, June 13.

Richard and Ann Dorman