YOUR VIEWS | Dont Let Lame Ducks Decide Future of Local Elections


To the editor:

I noticed the Alexandria City Council is holding a public hearing on June 13 and thereafter will vote to move elections traditionally held in May to November.

With three new members taking Council seats July 1, one would think they should hold up on this initiative rather than have lame duck members vote on such an important matter. In fact, based on a May newsletter from lame duck member Justin Wilson, it appears he cannot wait to vote the measure in, even though he soon leaves office June 30.

Plus, given that there are nearly three years until the next city election, there would seem to be no rush to do so.

I am curious as to why Council appears to be holding a hurried public meeting and the same day voting on a fundamental measure namely when the citizens of Alexandria vote?

Hastily changing the time of year that Alexandrians vote, when the traditional early May date has been in place for years, does not serve the interest of Alexandrians.

Such an important matter needs far greater scrutiny, public awareness and comment.
The new incoming Council should be the ones to take the matter up.

Jim Rapp