YOUR VIEWS | Just Say Step Up to Terror Trials


To the editor:

Regarding the recent Just say no article regarding no terror trials in Alexandria, I find myself for once in Congressman Jim Morans corner. While Im not ecstatic at the idea, I believe that it is necessary that we all contribute to our common good and security even the residents of Alexandria. This past Memorial Day, we just commemorated the sacrifices of those Americans who, by serving our country, paid for our common security with their lives.

None of them just said no, and compared to the price they paid, what is being asked of us is almost inconsequentially small. In fact, when I consider their sacrifices, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I live in a city where this could even become an issue. We need to contribute to the common good and, if it comes to trials here, do what is necessary and needed.

John Mac Michael
Captain, USN (Ret)