YOUR VIEWS | Parkfairfax Resident Cool on HOT Lanes


To the editor:

As a resident of the historic Parkfairfax neighborhood, I write to express my concerns about the significant changes slated for Shirlington Circle as part of the proposed I-395 HOT lanes project.

Multi-Year Construction VDOT anticipates it could take five years to add new lanes and lights to Shirlington Circle subjecting Parkfairfax and Fairlington residents to considerable noise and pollution during construction and once the HOT lanes are open. In addition, we could lose buffer trees and nature space to construction staging and sound barrier installation because VDOT owns most of the land adjacent to Quaker Lane and Shirlington Circle.

Six Traffic Lights to accommodate a new northbound HOT lanes off-ramp, VDOT would need to install traffic lights at all six of the feeder intersections. These new lights would create a headache for drivers going around the circle and we would see traffic backing up on Gunston, Martha Custis, Preston and Quaker Lane. To avoid congestion on the circle, frustrated motorists might cut through Parkfairfax to Glebe Road as they do now when there is an incident on I-395.

Pedestrian Bridge At Arlingtons request, VDOT is considering changes to pedestrian access across I-395. Ideas currently under debate include adding sidewalks around the circle (extending traffic light cycles), lengthening the pedestrian bridge ramps (taking land in Parkfairfax), and removing or replacing the pedestrian bridge.

If you share these concerns, please contact Alexandrias city and state elected officials and ask them to help minimize these substantial impacts on our community.

Greg Cota