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To the editor:

Now that my Republican opponent has formally declared her candidacy, I have asked her in a letter to please join me in a simple pledge to help preserve the beauty and character of our community:

Let us pledge that we will only place our campaign signs in the yards of our supporters and not litter them throughout our community along public rights of way and in other public spaces. We ought to commit to this with no loopholes and no exceptions; I will ensure that nobody from my campaign, our local Democratic organizations, or any other group puts my signs anywhere other than in the yards or windows of my supporters. On the morning of Election Day on November 3, let us place no more than four of each of our signs outside of each polling place.

On the heels of a City Council race and a statewide primary contest that overwhelmed our community with political signs during one of the most beautiful times of year, and which placed an unfortunate burden on local road maintenance officials, together we can take this simple, bipartisan step to avoid contributing to the problem over the coming months.

Del. David Englin45th District