YOUR VIEWS | Why Spend More To Move Detainess to our Neighborhoods?


To the editor:

Thank you for publishing Mr. Sanford Horns criticism of Jim Morans representation of the voters of Alexandria. I agree with Mr. Horn.

I would also point out that the current arrangement for the prisoners of war is significantly cheaper than importing them into our legal system. The guards are already paid for they are DOD. An additional $80 million in costs could easily be avoided by keeping them where they are.

I find it utterly unbelievable that Congress, and especially Moran, would even consider spending another $80 million for the honor of our U.S. cities picking up huge bills to give U.S. court rights to non-U.S. citizens who believe they have a religious justification to cut off the heads of U.S. citizens.

What kind of self mutilating world do our congressional representatives live in?

Bill Lange