Skateboarder Struck on Duke Street


Part of Duke Street was closed for about three hours last Friday after a 14-year-old boy ran into traffic and was struck by a car, sending him to the hospital where he was treated for injuries and released.

The teenager, who police did not identify, was skateboarding on the sidewalk along a service road parallel to Duke Street in between North Early and North Floyd streets, when he saw a pit bull and began running, ending up on Duke Street where a car struck him.

The driver of the car was not committing any traffic violations, police said.

It was just an unfortunate situation, said police spokeswoman Ashley Hildebrandt.
Neighbors said that the pit bull was a puppy and was likely not acting aggressively toward the teenager.

The area of Duke Street where the accident occurred is not as heavily patrolled for speeders and red light runners as more problematic portions of the corridor, Hildebrandt said. But some residents think it should be, even though this incident did not result from a motorists infraction.

I would be happy to see cops there on a [speed] trap or a red light camera or anything, said Melissa Carter, who lives near the scene of the accident. Im just really surprised that it hasnt happened more.