Student Group Returns With Ideas For Stimulus Funds


A committee of T.C. Williams High School students last week provided their recommendations for using stimulus funding to Superintendent Morton Sherman and the Alexandria City School Board. College visits and college application assistance headed the students list of ideas.

The group also came up with a list of extracurricular activities and intramurals that could potentially be funded with stimulus money.

After realizing that they had several interests in common and that their fellow classmates probably felt the same way, the committee developed an online survey to better gauge the options.

All T.C. Williams students were asked to complete the survey and, based on survey results, the students chose five top activities to recommend for funding: college visits, college application assistance, learning to play musical instruments, day trips and SAT/SOL tutoring.

Shermans student advisory committee included Farishta Boura, Rowshan Zabi, Eric Watkins, Kaitlin Mendez, Reba Pearl, Maria Olaya and Yazmin Dorado, with T.C. Williams Guidance Director Laura Newton and College and Career Specialist Patricia Braun helping out in an advisory role.