Two Guilty Pleas Entered in Cab Drivers Murder


Seven months to the day after police found Khalil Siddiqi dead in his taxicab, the first of the three men charged in connection with the murder will face sentencing after pleading guilty Friday.

Joshua Moore, 18, of Tacoma Park, Md. will receive his sentence on August 18 for first degree murder, robbery and a firearm violation in the January 18 homicide one that the defendants stated was not intentional but stemmed from a planned attempt to rob Siddiqi in his cab, according to court documents.

A second suspect, Alexandrian Jamal Berry, 20, also entered a guilty plea Friday for second degree murder, robbery and a firearm violation, according to court documents, while one 17-year-old defendant, also of Alexandria, has been ordered to complete a psychiatric evaluation to determine his fitness for trial. He is being charged as an adult.

Berry is set for sentencing on August 20.

In each case, the defendants agreed to submit their recorded statements given to Alexandria police in January and February as part of the plea agreements.

According to those statements, the three defendants convened the night of January 17 and proceeded to call Alexandria Yellow Cab, Siddiqis parent company, to request a cab. The plan was to rob the cab for spending cash.

Moore, who spent several years in foster care and was later adopted after his mother died while he was young, placed the call using the false name of Mr. White, according to the statements. After the taxi arrived he demanded Siddiqi hand over any money he had.

Though Moores first official statement on February 3 conflicted with the information Berry and Chapell provided to Alexandria detectives, he confessed later on February 4 to shooting Siddiqi in his cab with Chapells 0.45 caliber handgun at the corner of Princess and Buchanan streets.

After admitting to the shooting, Moore, who had repeatedly stated that Siddiqi didnt deserve to die even while he denied shooting the cab driver, immediately expressed regret.

Aint a day go by that I wish I could take that back I just wish I shot myself instead of shooting him, Moore said on February 4.

Berry, a 2007 T.C. Williams graduate, admitted to being the driver of the getaway vehicle, according to his statement made on January 31.

He and Chapell met back up with Moore at the Braddock Road Metro Station, following the shooting, where they split the money about $60, according to the statements.

As the shooter charged with first degree murder, Moore could end up with 20 years to life in prison as well as a fine of up to $100,000, according to his plea document.

Berry, meanwhile, could receive anywhere from five to 40 years in prison for the second degree murder charge.

The robbery charges for both could carry anywhere from five years to life in prison and the firearm violations an additional three years.