YOUR VIEWS | Meow: Were Still Here


To the editor:

Im an Alexandria resident, and I noticed that your paper is quite pet-friendly, which is great! I am a volunteer at a cat orphanage called King Street Cats. Until last week, we were located above the Unique store at 213 King St. in Old Town. Sadly, the owner of that location, Ethel, passed away in December. We were forced to move out of Old Town and have just relocated to 25 Dove St. The new location is well hidden and certainly wont get the foot traffic that our old location had. Some of us are worried about how effectively we can find homes for our sweet kitties when we are so far off the beaten path.

Although Im fairly new to the organization (having moved here December 1), I can tell you first-hand that it is a wonderful bunch of people who are doing wonderful things for these animals by running this nonprofit no-kill shelter. We run purely on donations. In our old location, Ethel allowed us to keep the cats there rent-free. She was a cat lover herself and a generous soul.
Unfortunately, the new location doesnt provide for that kind of luxury. The story behind Ethel and her old cat Chester (may they both rest in peace) is a sweet one. Many might want to know what exactly happened to King Street Cats when they walk through Old Town and cannot find it anymore.

Susie Bernard