YOUR VIEWS | No Dark Path Here


To the editor:

Cutting through Nancy Parkers flowery language and bloviating (Whos Out of Touch?, June 18-24), this nation has most certainly not traversed down a dark path. In fact, this nation has risen above the dark and disturbing behavior of our enemies.

Those imprisoned at Guantanamo are captured enemy combatants. They have been afforded greater human rights than the allegedly free women in their home cultures. They are provided with religious materials, have their dietary laws adhered to and actually live.

The flipside of this dark path to which Ms. Parker refers is the numerous beheadings at the hands of those professing to be people of an allegedly peaceful faith.

It is not, as Ms. Parker asserts, a known fact that those held at Gitmo are neither criminals nor terrorists. Unless she has inside information to which the rest of the public is not privy, the detainees are enemy combatants, thus earning their one-way ticket to a cell. And, as they are not being held on American soil, they are not entitled to that which prisoners on American soil are entitled. Nor do they have a right of due process in American courts.

Ms. Parker would do well to take any BBC production with more than just a grain of salt. This propaganda machine of the left is both anti-American and anti-Semitic. And where are those so-called lawsuits being won against the U.S. government? In an American court? The World Court that has no jurisdiction here?

One needs not be singularly linked to 9/11 in order to be held as an enemy combatant. And I must question Ms. Parkers sense of logic and reasoning regarding any alleged war crimes supposedly committed by the United States where she claims this country has a responsibility to right so-called wrongs. Even if that assertion is true, and I believe it to be based upon faulty logic, righting wrongs does not entitle enemy combatants to the rights granted American citizens and certainly not a free pass.

I will agree with one cogent point put forth by Ms. Parker: If our governments priority is the safety and financial well-being of the American citizens, we would be much more discreet about who is allowed in and who is not. Thats true, because clearly, based upon no real immigration policy, our government has not been discreet regarding who is allowed entry upon our shores, nor has it done anything of any valid attempt to curtail the overrunning of our borders by those with no right to be here. That was a major failing of the previous administration only to be compounded by the blind eye of this administration.

Ms. Parker suggests the detainees have none of the technical know how to try to escape. Im curious how she knows the intimate details of the detainees skill sets. Ms. Parker also said Rep. Jim Moran is asking us, the inconvenienced citizens, to allow those prisoners to be housed under maximum security. Hello, Ms. Parker? Are you not paying attention? Have any of the Gitmo prisoners escaped? Are they not under maximum security?

We the people of these United States are safer and more secure with the prisoners at Gitmo where water and 90 miles separates them from us.

Ms. Parker wants to know why such trials should take place here instead of in New York where the event of 9/11 took place. Heres a history and geography lesson for you, Ms. Parker: 9/11 events also occurred at the Pentagon ensconced within Jim Morans Congressional district as well as in a field in Shanksville, Pa.

One more piece of historical context: Take a look at some photos of Auschwitz before calling your backyard an American Auschwitz; that does nothing but demean the memory of all those who were murdered there.

Sanford D. Horn,Alexandria