YOUR VIEWS | Property Management or KGB?


To the editor:

I recently moved to Virginia and have experienced a series of minor problems with the property management of my apartment complex: they havent provided receipts for payments rendered or a permanent parking permit and have told other occupants they are not permitted to store their bicycles on their patios.

However, by far the most amazing instance is the managements response to my attempt to share information about the Better Business Bureau, websites like and the option for class action lawsuits with my neighbors.

I first received an email from management telling me that previous tenants who posted information about their apartment complex to websites were asked to leave or were evicted. I then received a signed letter warning me that my flyers with information on the Better Business Bureau, apartment ratings websites and class action lawsuit options constituted a form of solicitation and was in violation of signs all over the property.

I checked the internet for the legal definition of solicitation to prove that my concept of solicitation was correct and that my flyers were legal. In fact, that is exactly what said: In civil law, solicitation means any request or appeal, either oral or written, or any endeavor to obtain, seek or plead for funds, property, financial assistance or other thing of value.

Rather than solicitation, I would say sharing information about the Better Business Bureau is free speech.

Charlotte Hu