Are You from My Isle?


To the editor:

Myfamily originates from the Isle of Man, a small, independent islandnation located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. People from theIsle of Man are called Manx. I am a member of the North American ManxAssociation and we are trying to locate people of Manx descent. The best way tofind these people is through their names as the Isle of Man is a Celtic nationwith a lot of unique names.

There are many names, somethat look usual like Brew or Cain or Teare, and some that look very unusualsuch as Qualtrough or Mylchreest. Many Manx names begin with Call, Cann, or Qu.There is a comprehensive list on the Genealogy page on ourwebsite

If you think you might beManx, email kelly@mustgoto.comto find out how to get in touch with other Manx descendants in your area.

Gura mie ayd That’s”thank you” in Manx Gaelic!

 Kelly McCarthy