Baker Pleads Guilty To DUI Charge

Baker Pleads Guilty To DUI Charge

Former Alexandria chief of police David P. Baker Friday morning pledguiltyin Arlington District Courtto a DUI charge stemming from aJuly 25 collision.

With the guilty plea, Baker agreed to spend five days injail, a mandatory sentence because of the 0.19 blood alcohol level he recordedmore than two hours after the accident. He must also enroll in an alcohol abuseawareness program, pay a $300 fine and have his license suspended in Virginiafor 12 months.

Under the plea agreement Baker will begin his jailsentence by 6 p.m. Friday. James Clark, Baker’s attorney, said after theconclusion of the court proceedings at about 11:20 a.m. that Baker was alreadygoing through the booking process in the county’s detention center.

I offer no excuses for my bad decisions and behavior because thereare none, Baker said in a written statement Friday. And I am, and will be,forever haunted by the personal embarrassment and humiliation I caused to thosewho have supported, mentored and guided me through my personal life and longand rewarding public safety career.

The former police chief also apologized publicly for the pain andinconvenience he caused the woman whose car he hit July 25 while merging ontothe entrance ramp for Interstate 66 in Arlington, according to the statement.

According to Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s AttorneyTheo Stamos,Baker could become eligible for restricted driving privileges in Virginia aftercompleting the Alcohol Safety Action Program course. Because his blood alcoholcontent was above 0.15, that restricted license would require Baker to installa device on his vehicle that prevents the car from starting if he is notalcohol-free.

Baker had resigned asAlexandria’s chief of police on July 28, three days after his DUI arrest.