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Fresh Fruit, Veggies on Route to Jefferson-Houston

 After receiving a $13,325 grant, the city schools’ Department of Food and Nutrition Services is initiating the federal Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program at Jefferson-Houston School for the upcoming school year, school officials announced last week. The new program helps make available additional fresh fruit and vegetables to students outside of school meal times.

 The Virginia Department of Education distributes the funding competitively, based on criteria including schools with a high number of economically disadvantaged students, a strong nutrition-education component and community partnerships.

 The schools’ nutrition department partnered with Whole Foods to provide the produce and also provided eco-friendly bags to help with distribution.

 Children and staff at Jefferson-Houston will receive a variety of fresh produce throughout the year, beginning during Healthy Virginians Week, September 14 18, according to an ACPS announcement. Every day that week a different variety of locally grown apples will be dished out. Other choices during September will include varieties of carrots, bell peppers and broccoli.

 The ACPS currently offers at least 25 different types of fruits and vegetables each month to students, according to its central office. 


T. C. Williams to Hold First Annual Student Orientation Program

 T.C. Williams High School will hold its first annual Student Orientation Program on Monday, August 31 for sophomores and juniors and on Tuesday, September 1, for freshmen and seniors. Orientation will be held at T.C.’s main King Street campus.

 The event features an activity fair from 4 to 5 p.m., allowing students to learn about the various clubs, activities and organizations available to them at the high school. Additionally, students will engage in workshops focusing on technology, e-mail, internet safety and planning for their futures.

 Students will be able to get their student IDs, tour the building, complete back-to-school forms and meet teachers, counselors administrators and staff as part of something that school administrators hope will become an annual event.