YOUR VIEWS | Offensive Cartoon Undermines Viewpoint


To the editor:

Although I agreed totally with your editorial (Partisan Efforts, August 6), I found your cartoon as disingenuous as the partisan activities you discussed in your editorial. Specifically, I am referring to the cartoons attempt to brand those who oppose illegal immigration as ignorant nativists. There are many people like me who welcome newcomers to this country with the caveat that they abide by our laws. I have friends whose livelihood has been negatively affected by others who are in this country illegally and working for lower wages; this is particularly true in parts of the construction industry. There are currently far too many unemployed Americans, both natural-born and naturalized, without adding additional competition from illegal immigrants. I strongly and enthusiastically support the Obama administrations stepped up enforcement of immigration laws against employers who employ illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, I suggest you get a less partisan cartoonist.

John Mac Michael