Public School Students View Presidents Message


While some parents and educators around the country were against the idea of airing President Barack Obamas back-to-school address Tuesday in the nations public schools, ACPS leadership was not. Having not heard considerable opposition against showing the message, they made it available to students on Tuesday.

It wasnt anything that anyone would find objectionable, said spokeswoman Amy Carlini after the message aired. It was a good speech. The superintendent felt pretty strongly that the students should watch it I had not heard that anybody had been so upset they wanted to opt out or anything like that.

Some students lunch schedules conflicted with Obamas noontime message, but Carlini said most students were able to view what she called a really good beginning of school kickoff message.
The presidents message, broadcast from Arlingtons Wakefield High School, stressed the importance of hard work, openness to learn and the energy to do so, calling that every students responsibility in obtaining a good education the importance of which will be felt beyond any single student.