YOUR VIEW | Get Real About Our Energy


To the editor:

It is time for our leaders to get real and get serious about ending our dependence on foreign oil. The reasons are many, but three stand out:

1. National Security: Importing 70 percent of our oil from foreign countries causes a transfer of wealth of $300 to $700 billion a year. It is no secret that many oil exporters support terrorism in word and deed.

2. Global Warming: Over 200 million U.S. vehicles release carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Economy: When OPEC raises the price of oil, it inevitably forces our economy into a recession. Energy security plans like the Pickens Plan have the following key components: Converting commercial vehicles to natural gas power; upgrading our electrical grid and adding renewable energies (wind, solar, and nuclear) to our grid.

America is addicted to foreign oil, but we must work together to end that addiction. As a nation, I believe we have finally realized that we have a problem. It is now time to take real, meaningful steps to solve it.

President Barack Obama has defined a clear national goal for the sake of our economy, our security and the future of our planet: In 10 years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East, he said. Lets show our support to our presidents energy goal by reading and signing Energy Independence pledges like the one at

And lets request all of our Congressional leaders to do the same.

Steve Foster